2006 - Jehudah Design

This website is not sponsored or endorsed by those who created the movie and video game characters that my costumes were based upon, but still they are nice enough to let fans wear their costume designs in public. This website is also not sponsored or endorsed by those who designed some of my prop replicas, collectibles, and robots. This website was in fact sponsored and endorsed by the creator of my custom creations since that person was me.
All custom creations were made after my own designs and should not be copied.

All stories and events from the pages about Jehudah are copyright of Jehudah Design. Any similarities to your own life is purely coincidental and means that you probably need better things to do in your life.

All photographs in this website have no watermarks that would otherwise distract from the subjects within, but still all photographs are copyright of Jehudah Design. You may use elements from my photographs to create new graphics, such as if you need a banner for your forest themed website, then grab a nice forest photograph and copy elements from it. Stealing of any photographs, claiming they belong to you will result in you turning into a certified asshole, and I will send a turd in the mail to you.

All videos, short films, music, music videos and other media are copyright of Jehudah Design. Music clips not created by myself are copyright of whoever made those, but having read that using short segments of music in videos is legal, then I will go ahead and do that. Stealing of any media, claiming that they belong to you will also result in your own assholeification.

All graphics and banners are copyright of Jehudah Design, so if you need any new graphics, then for the Pete of sake, make your own with one of the many image editing programs out there instead of stealing any from this website.