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I can't imagine why. I knew you were following me somewhere and didn't want to block you. I would have talked to you more regularly again, but you really hurt me. Maybe I'd give you a chance to make it right since I loved you, otherwise I just want to move on with my life.

I still read.

I know, but I would have tried all I could if you were still mine. You were once the most important thing in my life, and I want you to do well. Now I have my own worries to take care of. You are still somewhere in my mind, but I suppose you stopped reading about that long ago.

Actually I was not asking for help. I just missed you. that's all

I would have helped and supported you more than you need. I know what it takes and what helps. Instead you chose to leave me and offend me. I hope it works out for you, but I can't help you. You made me a lot worse from what you said.

I wish I could survive it.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and I'm diagnosed as bipolar disorder II, I felt so desperate the moment when doctor told me the result. I don't know what else I can do with my rest life. I don't want to let my parents down either sicne they count on me so much. I want to be strong and make it through by myself but I don't see any hope according to what the doctor told me.

Hi, R-12.

hi J

I asked Modulus what you said. You're so sweet :3 I feel the same way too. I found something from my 8 year old log that I want to show you. Maybe through my new phone :D

Hope you will be able to view the complete one when they arrive at your pc.


Why those mmessages just go outside of the frame?? :(



Looking forward to see more your creations.

saluto from a far country//

Thanks. Sorry about that. I guess most contents are missing because my inspiration is missing. I'm still updating everything as much as I can, which is why I made the Facebook page to make it easy for people to see when I add something new.

Love this site but there seems a lot things missing now, black with red is also my favorite color matching.
Are you still updating this website?
Hope you will see my message.

you know who I am//

I don't even know what to say, this made things so much eareis!

Do you know any more about the large brass chess set you bought. I have one like it and am trying to get more info about it and find out what it is worth. The king height on my set is about 6 3/8" and the whole set weighs about 40 lbs. It is very large and heavy and I would like to know the maker and find out what it's value is. If you have any information, would appreciate you emailing me at

Some of the bitches knew me, but oh well. Yeah, I deleted that page years ago since I wanted to use my artist name instead. Also a reason It's taking a while to fill this place since I have to remake every image as widescreen. Well, if you have troubles around guys, I thought maybe spending time with one would help, just keep it in mind :) On that friend remark, I shall add you ;P

Why would anyone from my class tell crap about you? Did you do something?
We met around christmas thats why I was thinking about you too and looked for this page, since your old page was gone.
My problems are mostly things i have to overcome myself. But it would be nice to have a friend :)

I don't know why, I never did anything to them. Actually I was in your old town recently, and now that it's like when we met, I got some thoughts about you. I thought maybe someone from your class had said crap about me or something to make you vanish. I've had several problems I've had to come over myself, so if you want to spend time with a guy you can trust so it could maybe help you overcome that, then I would like to help you, if you want to.

Nightmares? Really? I didnt find you as a person very scary. But I did think of you as someone who was a little depressed. Im still panicking when it comes to boys so it wasnt just with you

Probably because I'm a scary person then :P Kids cry when seeing me, and all my exes had nightmares about me, so fair enough ;)

It was my fault. Not yours. I panicked after our meeting. You said many sweet things and I just panicked. Typically me... So I ended all contact because I was scared. It was not your fault. Its good that you want to move on and away from your past. I wish I were better at moving forward

What happened was caused by me for hoping too much when it ended up being someone else awful. Not sure why we stopped talking, but probably my cause too. Well, bad relationships and getting engaged to satan really didn't help me out. Sadly having someone is the most important thing to me in life, and there you go... I'm tired of that costume, it reminds me of my evil past, and I'll get so many other costumes to wear instead soon.

Yeah I figured you would react to your name. Just wanted to see if you commented on it. I know you`ve had worse pain than I caused. You have had more pain than anyone I know when it comes to girls and I think thats sad. Because you are a nice and sensitive man as I recall.
So no more Anakin? Why Jehudah?

I already suspected this. No new visitors really bother stay anonymous, know my real name and know I hate it. If you hurt my feelings back then, I don't care, I've had worse, so talk to me, add me, whatever else, if you want to.

Well... I havent been completely honest with you... We are actually old acquaintances. I was just curious about how you were doing. And since I most likely hurt your feelings last time we spoke some years back I thought it was best to pretend to be an anonymous new visitor...

Dafuq you wanted to see here anyway? Maybe I can publish it, or maybe you'd like to follow my Facebook page, unless you want your identity be a secret because you're a super-hero or something. I post stuff there way before in this place.

Thank you J E ;)

Something like that. Thanks, I'll try to get something published soon enough too. Merry Christmas to you too then, Ms. Anonymous.

Sounds like you have a plan:)
I wish you good Luck With both you house and all Your Projects.
And a Merry Christmas:)

It's just a mix relocation mess, building materials, tools, and whatever else that haven't been put in the proper places yet. Such as all the spray paint cans I will make a shelf for in the garage. No shelf means big pile of spray paint cans in the living room. So it's just things like that. Getting things done and it will disappear.

If you have an entire house full of unfinished Projects then you must have many Projects!

Some old parts of it look nasty, such as the upstairs bathroom. I'll turn that into an Occulus Rift gaming room if they ever release it. Downstairs bathroom is nice and with a sauna. It's mostly just a problem with all the unfinished projects cluttering up the place, so I have to finish them to get rid of them.

So you have much work to do in the house? Is the Kitchen and bathroom okey at least? Ive always considered those two rooms to be the most important ones. But it must be Nice to have Your own house and to have the biggest garden in the area :)

Good enough for now, but gets better once I fix up the place and really get started on my projects. That would be highly missed about now, but small progress on this. Guessing actually publishing things would get more people's attention as well.

Ok:) Seems like youre doing good. All thats missing is a nice girl (?);)

Thanks :) 1,3 and much below the value because of all the junk from the previous owners. Used most of the summer hauling away garbage, and I now have one of the biggest yards in town, a nice garage with a spray painting room, and a house bigger than the one my last apartment was part of, so it's nice. All I should say about my income is that I get paid for being an eccentric genius...

Congratulations! What did you give for it? 1.2? Do you make a living out of building things or do you have a regular job too?

Hello, Ms. Anonymous. I suppose it's because of everything I have to build, and I could only work on one project at a time in one small room before, so it went non-stop all day just to get things done, leaving little time for website updating. I recently bought a house and now have three great workrooms, so from now things will really start happening, and get published :)

Hello. I`m just wondering why you have so little available your page when you started it in 2006 (?) Everything is under construction...

Hello, Thank you! I'll look there then, greetings from Venezuela and good luck ...

Hello. Sorry, I do not make or sell any Auryns, only bought one for myself by a seller who no longer makes them. They do seem to sell a few at though, maybe there's a chance there.

HI, I saw Replica of the Auryn and I need to know if are you a seller?? I wish to buy one of this, please answer me.

I am a Venezolan girl and I want to bring it here for the birthday of my cousin (excuses for my English by the way)

Great! =)

No problem, that's why I put my account adding stuff here to begin with. Sure, I can show what I've made, though most of it is in parts in my workroom. I will also put a yellow UPDATES text next to pages with new stuff in them from now on :)

I will, thank you.

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I added you on skype. I dunno if you're online a lot, but I would love to hear more about your work in progress and see more pictures of what you make, be it robot or costume related, if you don't mind. It is perfectly fine if you don't add me back though, but if you do, don't be afraid to send me a message. =)

Haha, well in that case I'm probably an eccentric genius, so that's good :P Thanks, just heating up the workroom right now and will get at it tomorrow, yeah! Have fun with the Star Wars marathon :D

D'awww, I wouldn't call you wierd. :) In fact, by reading what I have on your blog so far, you sound more like some sort of genius. I wish you luck in your future projects, and may you go far. :)

Oh and, speaking of star wars; I, my friend and her boyfriend will be having a star wars marathon next weekend. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for liking my stuff :D Hopefully I'll get some more things done within the winter. I do believe there are several Mauls in the Nordic Garrison, so you might get to meet one in the future. I'm too tall and hairy to be him though. I suppose my unique perspective on things in my blog just means I'm weird, but good someone reads it then.

Oh, and forgot to add; The reason why I read your blog is because you've got quite a unique perspective on things. It's interesting to read things trough other peoples eyes.

What I've seen on your site looks very professional, especially your star wars costumes, and since I love star wars and monsters and fantasy and things like that, it's always interesting to look at other people's costumes. I've yet to see somebody cosplay as darth maul though, which I wish would happen. Darth Maul is my favorite star wars villian, and the person who would cosplay as him would receive at least a thousand hugs from me.
And yes Dragons are awesome. I've had a bond with Dragons since I was a child, so people never see me without some sort of Dragon jewelry. I wish my zodiac was the Dragon. But no, I'm a monkey. xD

I've been nudged :O Yeah I will try to fix some new costume photos, my old website had 4:3 photos, but now they are all being remade as 16:9 widescreen :D Hah, I didn't think anyone ever bothered reading my weird blog, it's just my way to write stuff I want remembered for later times, but now I've got about 50 drafts that aren't published yet. Yeah I like robots and have just bought a BJD, so I don't know what will happen next since I haven't even received that one yet, but thanks for the link, they look cool. Yeah Dragons are cool, my Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon :D

Oh, and, just popping in again because you've made it quite clear that you like robots, as well as ball-jointed dolls, so I want to reccommend this site for you; . This person makes really good dolls, machine/robot related. I thought it might be in your interest. I've got a ball-jointed doll myself, though it's not human or robot for that matter... It's a Dragon. I love Dragons. You can see a picture of him here;

I'm nudging you to upload more pictures of your costumes! :)
I really want to see more of what you've created so far.

Also, I tend to read your blog from time to time, and sometimes you just sound a little sad. If so, why is that, if you don't mind me asking?

Nice Work!

Lovely drawings Drac!
Youre fucking nuts! :P
Loved that one.

Thanks, Ron. I'm fixing up more photos and videos now that I've figured out stuff on another photo editing program. Though costumes are somewhat slow to work with in the winter.

this is cool I hope you can get more sutff up

Hi Drac!
Very nice site=) Love the work u have done. Cant wait to see more of the costumes;)

Thanks. The under construction stuff is there because I'm stressed like hell all the time, and bad things seem to happen to me all the time too, so little progress is done at a time. I will try to put up some photos of the finished costumes soon and take photos of the E-11.

Damn good site but what about all this "Under Construction" stuff? The changes of the front pages I liked the best.. spooooky. But with so many beautiful girlfriends.. why bother :-) I was interested to see your costumes and props, mainly the E11, which is shown is an Italian guy on Youtube that mentioned your site. Like to built one too. Best regards, Anton

Alright, the E-11 blaster rifle tutorial is soon finished now, only a few more pages to fix and a new video to edit. The video is pretty much done, so I just have to press save video as.. Soon there will be two new TESB and ROTJ E-11 blaster rifle tutorials in this website.

Hi Neil. I'm sorry that my tutorial doesn't work that well at the moment. The pages are not found since the link buttons at the bottom of each page link to the wrong page - /stormtrooper/e-11... - but should link to /my-costumes/stormtrooper/e-11... - so if you just add the text my-costumes/ before stormtrooper, the page should work. I will fix it to work properly as soon as possible. Lots of photos have to be edited and such for this, so it might take some time, but will get there.

Hi Jehudah. I can only view the 1st page of your tutorial for E-11 blaster. The other pages are not found by the server. Please can you fix this as im desperate for your help in being able to carry on with my project. Please!!!!

MESSAGE TO EVERYONE: I'm currently so damn busy that I barely ever get time to build costume stuff or post things on this website, but if there's anything specific that you wish to see, then please let me know, and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Hello there. I'm glad my site is good enough to be recommended then :)
The tutorial for the E-11 blaster is located if you follow these buttons: My costumes - Stormtrooper - E-11 blaster rifle - The creation of the E-11 blaster rifle.

The tutorial is under construction at the moment and might look like a mess, but new photos, text and video will be added, so I'll try to fix it as soon as possible for you. Good luck building the blaster ;)

I'm interested in building a E-11 Blaster and your site was recommended to me. Thank you

Hello. The tutorial for the E-11 blaster can be located in the Stormtrooper page of the page My Costumes. Most of the tutorials in there are under construction and might look messy now though. I bought a voice changer card for my Stormtrooper helmet, but I don't think you can get the same one outside of scandinavia.

I stumbled across you in a you tube video and thought I better get in touch....i need guidance on the E11 . Also on voice changer for stormtrooper helmet...i want to build one not buy one.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. If you wish to see it again, then it might take some time since it's currently under construction, adding more elements to the armor and such.

I saw some of your work on the PVC builders site and remembered the amazing step by step tutorial on the stormtrooper armor. That is the best I've seen YET!
Keep up the great work!

Its an interestingly wickedly cool site. Well done! :)

Hello there. Thanks :) I'm glad you liked my tutorial. Bondo is a clay like material that you mix with a hardener to make it hard, this can be bought in auto shops and hardware shops. If you know of a store where they sell car accessories such as batteries, speakers, spray paint, mufflers, then they most likely have bondo there which can also be named autofiller sometimes, but I don't know the word in spanish, sorry.

I will try to finish the other sectors as soon as possible, I'm at the moment trying to fix all the tutorials ready :)

Hi, your page is great¡¡¡ and your Helmet tutorial is incredible¡¡¡ congratulations since Mexico¡¡¡¡ ¿Could you told me what is Bondo? if there are that product in Mexico¡??? Thanks A lot and please, please finish the others sections of your web-page¡¡¡¡ bye.

Hehe, thanks :) I'm Hoping so ;P

Just a million or more pages to finish.

It's going to be a masterpiece!! Nice!!

Kudos to you!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)
The tutorial is under construction now though, so some photos might appear distorted. Also there's something wrong with the gallery of my website creator program, so I don't know if I'll be able to fix it in a while.

Great E-11 tutorial!!!! Thanks for your hard work on this project.

Rart at visstnok du kom inn hit bare av å ha søkt rundt på internett og kjenner hu. Så veit du visst hvem hu snakker med lite, noe som venner stort sett ikke veit noe serlig om. Bare heller si det er deg og at du vil jeg skal ta det vekk. Skjønner ikke hva som har skjedd siden vi ikke snakker noe lenger, jeg kunne vel hvertfal fått vite hvorfor når vi snakka så mye sammen før.

Var tilfeldigvis innom siden din her. Utrolig hva man finner når man søker litt på nett. hehe.
Men jeg kjenner Inger og ettersom hva jeg vet så har ikke dere hatt kontakt på et år eller noe sånt. Så jeg er sikker på at hun vil at du skal fjerne bildet og det av henne på den siden "people I know" eller hva det het. Så det hadde vært fint om du gjorde det...

You must have been enjoying the porn spam messages from my old guestbook then.
Good luck with that.

Yes! thy "meat" has been streatched beyond belief.

lots of cool costumes to make, love to see scott bernard mospeada genesis climber / jugde dredd / starzinger jesse dart / gatchaman / jumbo machinder etc
you can do it!!!

What meat be thy referring to? Hopefully not 'the' meat. Anyway, good for you.

Stretching my meat

The site looks very hellish and dark! This is very evil of you. Congrats!

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)
Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over, and I don't mean like the thermostat is broken and I've hit puberty.

omfg NICE WORK !

Absolutely fantastic, just what i was looking for, just got to find where to download the blueprints.

Hey Jan,

VERY, VERY nice work on the E-11!! I found your video TOTALLY on a random chance over on youtube. I build E-11's as well. I'm known as "Stomper" (TKID 4063) on the 501st forums, as well as a few other 501st detachment forums. I'm sending out some Hovi-Mix aerators with built-in speakers to Dennis Resell (over in Sweden) for his buckets! Again, OUTSTANDING WORK!!

Fine site

TK-6215 asking for Tusken Raider, come in please. shhrrrk..

Halla, hvordan går det?
Vi skal ha en event i Oslo nå, under Oslo Sci-fiction Festival på UiO - Universitetet i Oslo eller hva det heter... Og Mads Eriksen kommer, han som lager tegneserien M.

Men så skal vi i Nordic Garrison også komme og muligens ha no show å greier. Og jo flere folk vi blir jo bedre.
Så da lurer jeg på om du vil komme?

Kan du maile meg på denne mailen når du har sett denne lille beskjeden her :

[Email address removed to protect the innocent]

så skal jeg sende deg den infoen du trenger og mer "updates".

TK-6215 out
Yes I am a Stormtrooper, yes I am.

Hello, Loverboy! ^^

Nice page, may the force be with you :)

Site is coming along well. Bit late signing in but it didn't work for me b4.


Your costumes are very impressive, you are a very talented costume maker. I see u are also a movie lover. I am a fan of Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings myself. keep up the good work and hope your movie collection becomes all that u hope for.

Hi. Nice site you got here.

Wannabe TK over and out *chrrrk*

Meg igjen... Jeg mente dracula 2000..

Fant denne siden hos bestissen min, Turid the fluffy one ;P
Måtte bare si at denne siden er veldig bra og at du ligner vanvittig på han der fra "Forsaken"... Den vampyren.. I hvertfall på det bildet du har oppi hjørnet der... Trodde det var han jeg... ;P

Hey u! Update the pic of me coz it's soo old like 2 years or something like that lol! Neway I'm off to bed now I'm tired *yawns*. Nite nite. Kay xXx

THANK YOU! I love it:)
It was really cool :P

Vini, vidi, er....
I came, I saw, I signed the guest book.

Nice looking site. I look forward to seeing the progress it makes along with your costume.


That was from me. Robt666 :)

I have been to your site, that means you are officially cool now.

Greetings from a fellow Vader-builder! Looking forward to seeing your costume.


Great stuff - but needs more cowbell.

You rock so keep rocking!!!

Liked the Raider Costume but I couldn't find Shodan.. Dissapointing.. All in all.. It's a rather.. Uhm.. Strange site.. Hope the ancient spirits won't haunt me now..

The President of Suicidal Entertainment

The path of your destiny is true! You will become the greatest webdesigner that the world has ever seen. Time lies before you. Make wise choices on your continued path to greatness! And do not be tempted by the Everburning Fire Of Doom!!



Kjææmpe fin sia... Synes den va litt skymmel... Men,men :P Eg e no litt pysat :P

Klem fra Afh:P
(venninna til ho Phatchara)
(ho som du har på msn, sånn at du fatte kæm eg e:P)

Trust I see in your greatness!

The best site EVER!! You rule the world dude! Regards from William (Matrix).

Rock on brother!

Well all that I can say is that.... This site rocks! Well I'm not that much of an experienced web designer, but this one is pretty cool. The text does not hurt your eyes unlike my teacher's blog wherein the Font is PINK and the backgroung is bright blue!!! The layout is not messy, in fact it's all in order! Aside from those things the contents are pretty cool and sensible! So I guess this leads me to my first line... THIS SITE REALLY ROCKS!

When I woke up this morning, I saw the light!! Then I went back to sleep again...





Hei hei kul side det her, koz fra meg fra spray;)

Well u've been making me sign ur guestbook for ages so here I am! ... Woohoo!
Ur tre cool ... Erm apart from that shodan thing ... Get rid of her! She scares the crap outa me mr!
Hope ur all good ... TC ... Chat to ya later!
xXx Kay xXx

Continuing the path towards greatness with this site :D
Just got one thing to pick at: In "The Text Room" you have "The Room Of Thoughts", that's a room within a room, a little bit strange. So I would say you should make "The Room Of Thoughts" into "The Closet Of Thoughts" ;)

HHIIIIIIIIIII!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure wut this is 4....but I'm writing in it o.0 Love u

Heya, I duno what to write lol, but I hope u have a great time in sweden, I'm well jealous!! Have fun though and tell me all about it when u get back.
Seeyas take care xxx - *Ash

Loving the changes!!
But I saw something a bit wrong in "My Pictures" in "The Evil Behind This Site" (By the way, had a great laugh at those photo's!) The Mini you took picture of, is a new Mini Cooper, wich is produced by BMW (from Germany) Therefore, it is not as english as the old Mini's... Actually only the name and the cars size and legacy is truly english, in the new Mini.
Just thought I should share that with you ;)
I miss you :'(
See yas, man


Joda... Hehe,meg her :-) Ho Phatchara=ø) Joda, helt ærlig så e sia di J*vl*g bra! Men den e skummel for meg,ja... =S

Må du ha en fortsatt fin sommer;-)
Klem: Phatchara!

PS: snakkes;ø)

This site is the ultimate goodness!!

Hi my little Ani..
How are you?
Nice page you have ;)
But why in english?
Yeah yeah...
Keep it cool...
*Bad boys for life*
Love from "desteny"

Hey Jan the man...
Alt for lenge siden sist vettu... Savner deg jeg....=) Tihi... Håper du har det bra vennen min...???
Håper virkelig at vi treffes snart igjen, ja du vet at jeg trenger en ting... Hehe... =)
Vi snakkes baby...
Klem klem...

Things are great, if you are doing well!

This is a kool site,
and I'd have to agree with the Steph girl u look hot :-)

Hallo... Øhm, ka enn du heite =) Ehm, for meg ville eg beskrive sia di at den var litt skummel(for meg)... Så, men ellers e det jo en drit bra sie du har fått til!
Snakkes da:) Klem!

Automatic guestbook entry

Hei igjen.... Unnskyld frekkheten min, men utrolig kul side assa... Digger den nesten like mye som jeg digger deg....
Klem klem Anette....

Hey Jan the man....
Lenge siden sist.... Jeg håper det går bra med deg etter den ville turen våres i skogen... Den må jeg si at jeg likte ass.. Digger deg mest... Klem klem Anette....

Hallo Jan the man....

Kjempebra side :D


Hey! Nice site;) You look pretty hot too;) If I lived in Norway too, I'd give you a good time right away;) (costume goes off)

Hei kul side da :D

Greetings from far away! I have made new icons for you, those car marks I forgot last time... So I hope I will see you on msn soon!
- Lasse

Lasse said one had to write here so one will.
One does not know what to write.
I love your site, great work and it looks pro.

- Monique

Your site is so great, that I wet my pants!

HEY!!!!! What can i tell you???
They are great!!!!
I'm really impresed, you have a special talent for doing custumes,
you are really good at that ;)
Keep like that and maybe some day you will be doing the custumes for a famous movie like Star Wars !!!
Take care
See you then

Hey hey :P

Da måtte man vel legge igjen en hilsen? ;)

*Hilser hilser*

Hilsen EziitA

Heei! Jeg liker ikke å skrive på engelsk jeg, for jeg skriver så mange feil, så ble visst på norsk! Enig med det med bildene, men men!
Lille Star Wars freak! :O
Du heter ikke Jan, eller Jan Erik.. Men Erik, eller Eric! Så det så!
Jeg må forresten få ræva i gir å se den filmen nr tre! Selv om han kjekke blir ond og slem!
Men men, hvis du passer på meg så blir jeg vel ikke redd! (jeg lever meg veldig inn i filmer)


Thou has made a great site, but thou needs photographs that explain more of thee.
- Lasse :D