Ball jointed dolls are intended for adult collectors and customizers. Their body elements are cast in resin and held together by elastic cords, making them fully articulated and highly poseable. The designs are diverse and range from fantasy-inspired to hyper-realistic. Most are capable of standing on their own, without a stand or other support. The dolls are readily customizable, wigs and eyes are easy to remove and replace, as well as heads, hands, and feet. A doll may even be a hybrid of parts from different companies. Existing parts can even be reshaped by sanding them or applying epoxy putty to them. The resin material is easy to paint, and face-ups and body blushing can be done with watercolor pencils or acrylic paint, applied with a regular brush or an airbrush, and coated with a layer of clear matte sealant for protection.

- Jehudah Design