I wanted to make a winter outfit for Zera that I could photograph in my hometown's beautiful forest sceneries during winter, so I made a shiny gray padded jacket while buying a pair of blue jeans and high-healed boots that I later thought wouldn't suit such a snowy landscape, so I made a couple of flat-healed leather boots for the outfit instead. Having also made a peach sweater and a red scarf for the outfit, all that was left to make was a pair of black wool leggings to make this outfit the first to contain only custom designed clothes and boots by myself.
This outfit consists of a long sleeved peach sweater, a pair of black leggings, a red silky scarf, a gray padded winter jacket with hood, and a pair of tall wrinkled leather boots with silver detailed strapping, all made by Jehudah Design.
- Jehudah Design

Zera - Outfit 3 - 001
Zera - Outfit 3 - 002
Zera - Outfit 3 - 003
Zera - Outfit 3 - 004
Zera - Outfit 3 - 005
Zera - Outfit 3 - 006
Zera - Outfit 3 - 007
Zera - Outfit 3 - 008