2002 - Jehudah Design

The RB5X intelligent robot is versatile, teaching life-long skills that are invaluable in many fields of study and employment. Thousands have learned, taught, and played using this wonderful robot. With the ease of use and the flexibility of this robot, you can learn the basics of electronics, computers and robotics. Whether you are just beginning to explore the world of microprocessors and electronics, computers and robots, or have been involved in the field since its inception, RB5X has a great deal to offer. Since it is fully programmable using any computer with serial communications capability, you can write software programs that are completely unique. The RB5X incorporates infrared sensing, ultrasound sonar, 8 sensor bumpers, a voice synthesizer, and an optional 5 axis armature that can lift a full pound. The X in its name stands for experimental, and RB5Xs open design makes it an experimentor's dream.
RB5X - 001
RB5X - 002
RB5X - 003
RB5X - 004
RB5X - 005
RB5X - 006
RB5X - 007
RB5X - 008
RB5X - 009
RB5X - 010
RB5X - 011
RB5X - 012
RB5X - 013
RB5X - 014
RB5X - 015
RB5X - 016

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